Safeguarding our students is at the very centre of our ethos. Every person who comes to our school matters, their contributions each unique and recognised.

All inlingua Cheltenham staff are on hand at any time for students with our open door policy if someone would like to discuss any issues, and our staffboard allows students to choose who they feel they can trust to speak with.

We lead by example, everyone at the school is spoken to and treated with dignity and respect: we listen, we encourage academically and pastoral care is backed up with age appropriate language and respect for privacy.

For added reassurance for students and their parents, inlingua Cheltenham ensure the following:

  • 24/7 emergency phone number for parents and students to contact a member of inlingua staff
  • Outside professional training and subscription to Gloucestershire’s Safeguarding Board which is applicable to all educational institutions that work with young people
  • All staff are informed and aware of the safeguarding process seven fully trained Designated Safeguarding Leaders chair the Welfare Team.
  • Every member of inlingua staff and all adults over the age of 18 in a host family are DBS checked and references obtained to show that each member of staff and host family is suitable to work with children and young adults.

Our Safeguarding policies are not just in place for younger learners, but all students no matter their age or vulnerability. You can view all of our policies including our full Safeguarding policies here.