CLIL – Content and Language Integrated Learning

Erasmus+ funding is available for this course. Please contact us for more details.

This CLIL teacher training course is for teachers to learn how to teach the content of their subjects in English, or to teach English at primary schools. The aim of the course is to equip teachers in a very practical way.

Start on set dates – but we will offer on demand for one-to-one or groups, please contact us for more information

Small class sizes:  Maximum of 10 students per class

Minimum level: Intermediate

Minimum age: 18

Timetable: Follows the structure of our LSP 30 course (09.00 – 15.00) Please note dates of Bank Holidays in the UK

Aims of the Course

1. To learn about how to teach language and how children learn languages.
Participants will learn about language acquisition, communicative teaching methods, correcting errors, CLIL theories and assessment considerations.

2. To refresh teachers’ knowledge of English and build confidence in using it.
In “Refresh your English” sessions we will review key areas of language, as well as language for describing data, comparing, speculating, giving reasons etc.. We will also work on pronunciation. These sessions include demonstration of communicative teaching techniques, with practical application to different subjects.

3. To identify resources that are available and use them
Participants will be guided towards practical resources used in English schools and available on the internet. The focus will be on learning how to adapt and exploit these visuals, videos, games and texts for classroom use. There will also be training in how to use technology to improve students’ language.

4. To show how to teach the four language skills
These skills are needed for learners to succeed in their subjects. The CLIL course “How to …” sessions will help teachers teach these skills effectively using appropriate methods. Participants will develop and present ideas for activities in their subjects.

For primary school teachers, there is a special course focusing on teaching young learners. Please contact us for more information