Procedure for Possible Coronavirus students

inlingua Cheltenham are very conscious of the situation with Coronavirus and we are in constant contact with the people who send us students from around the world. As a school we follow the following procedures.

  1. We ask all individuals or groups that may be coming from a country on the NHS list of countries to be monitored for at least 14 days before departure and any student showing any signs of the possible symptoms however small to be withdrawn immediately and those associated with that person as well if they were coming.
  2. If this procedure is not followed we require a Doctor’s note stating they have no symptoms
  3. As of yet this has not had to be done as no students arriving at our school has the virus symptoms or been seen to have the symptoms for a minimum of 14 days before departure.

If the students arrive showing any symptoms then the school requires the following procedure to be observed.

  1. We also have at the school our own checking system of students, such as temperature checking system, if after administering this we have any doubts however small the staff immediately ring 111 and if needed we would take that person to the local testing centre.
  2. Also if needed we have contacts at the Local Area Health Authority if there is an outbreak.
  3. If the requirement is for the school to close this will be done and the students who are not affected will return to their accommodation and wait for further information and self-isolate for a period of 14 days, likewise staff would be required to do the same and self-isolate for a minimum 14 days

We have not had to use these systems yet and hopefully we will never need to but it is in place if need be.

inlingua Cheltenham are supporting all of our students that have been with us for several weeks and have no symptoms. It is refreshing that the local community are also rallying to support them and we thank you all, as they face tough times being so far away from home.