Overseas Contracts

Over the last few years inlingua Cheltenham has increasingly become involved in overseas contracts where we have offered courses, with or without a blended learning approach. Below are some of the courses we have completed and are currently involved in which may give you some idea of what we can offer.

  • English for Oil and Gas courses in Germany for BP
  • Online General English and English for Oil and Gas for PetroChina in Iraq
  • General and Military English for Qatari Army
  • English for Diplomacy in Oman
  • Teacher Training Joint Cert TESOL course at Shenyang University in China
  • Teacher Training Diploma TESOL course in Malta.
  • Cert TESOL course in Zurich
  • Argentina Wetland Course for Park Rangers
  • Teacher Refresher Courses in Huizhou, China
  • IELTS Prep for Omani Embassy in the UK
  • IELTS Preparation for Qatari Military for HND Access Courses

Whether it is 1 or 1000 people who need specific training in English in relation to their industry, we can help you.