Why choose inlingua Cheltenham

Why choose inlingua Cheltenham?

Full English Immersion

Cheltenham has a population of 120,000 and the people who live here are predominately British. It is a typical English town where you can experience real English life and culture, students will be taught by an Native speaking teacher and stay in an Native speaking family; a true immersion programme.


Cheltenham has no discernible accent, so the English spoken is clear and understandable.

Central Location

The school is based in the centre of Cheltenham, only 50 metres away from the main high street. Cheltenham is centrally located in the UK with easy access to other destinations like: Bristol, Oxford, Bath, Cardiff and Birmingham.

Safe Area

The town has a very low crime rate and students will feel safe in the town centre and suburban areas. It is currently a Purple Flag are of the UK which means it is safe and secure.


Accommodation for students is either a walk or a short bus journey away. Students will be impressed how quick and easy it is to get around the town, either walking to school or going home at night to their homestay.

Non EFL Town

We are the only private English language school locally, which provides maximum exposure to the language, culture and people.

Cheltenham Highlights

Cheltenham is a vibrant and exciting English town, in the heart of the Cotswolds an area of outstanding natural beauty. Here you can concentrate on improving your English in a pleasant and tranquil environment without the stress of busier destinations. Cheltenham is a university town with a reputation for its excellent shops, restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs, clubs, cinemas and theatres.


Cheltenham has festivals running all throughout the year. The most famous being the Cheltenham Gold Cup in March, where people from all over the world come for the horse racing, this is a 5 day annual event with a spectacular finale. Other festivals include music, science, literature and food.


Regularly declared one of the best towns to shop, Cheltenham has a great mix of well-known and independent shops, department stores and boutiques, where you will be able to find exclusive clothes and gifts.

Arts and Culture

Cheltenham is a very arts-focussed town and has three theatres, stunning Georgian architecture and boasts some of the most interesting museums and art galleries in the country. Many a pleasant afternoon can be spent exploring the town itself or visiting the museums and parks which are only a short walk away from the school.

Night Life

The town has a night life scene for every taste – from fancy wine bars to pubs, great restaurants, nightclubs and live music. There is something for everyone.