inlingua International

inlingua Cheltenham

The school was founded in 1990 and since then has established itself as a provider of high quality English courses.

All of our teachers are CELTA or Cert. TESOL qualified as an absolute minimum, with many qualified at Diploma level and beyond. A number of our teachers have professional business experience and qualifications and understand the business and related linguistic needs for a student.


inlingua International

Founded in Bern, Switzerland in 1968 and since then, inlingua – meaning ‘mother tongue’ has dedicated itself to understanding best how people learn and the most effective way of teaching a language. This research has evolved over the last forty years, but the key theme of immersion has remained the same. Learning a language from a native speaker of that language by speaking and listening is universally accepted as the best way to learn a language quickly and effectively.

inlingua is the largest association of privately-owned language schools in the world. There are more than 350 centres in 40 countries

The inlingua method continues to be the first choice for thousands of language learners worldwide. The pedagogical department in Bern are constantly updating and developing new teaching materials and methods for use exclusively at inlingua centres. This helps to ensure the highest possible standard and continuity within all centres within the inlingua organisation.