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inlingua Cheltenham has a strong track record of delivering Military English to Military and Civil personnel from many countries. In these turbulent times, there is increased demand for effective military communications in English, particularly between members of international forces involved in peacekeeping operations in the world’s trouble spots.

The inlingua Cheltenham course in Military English is designed to prepare military and security personnel, civil servants and diplomats to take up roles where they will need to use English on a daily basis. It is based on the NATO STANAG 6001 language proficiency guidelines.

Our Military English classes help develop communication skills including functional language for everyday military and security situations and practical speaking skills for giving orders, making presentations or delivering briefings etc.

Start on set dates – but we will offer on demand for one-to-one or groups, please contact us for more information
Small class sizes:  Maximum of 10 students per class
Minimum level: Intermediate
• Minimum age: 18
• Timetable: Follows the structure of our LSP 30 course (09.00 – 15.00) Please note dates of Bank Holidays in the UK

Features of the course include:

  • Detailed needs analysis: all participants are interviewed at the start of their course
  • 30 lessons a week (22.5 hours): General English in the mornings and Miltary in the afternoons
  • Maximum class sizes: 10 (12 in Summer)
  • One-to-one classes available (Please contact us for details)

Subject areas include:

  • Peacekeeping and defence
  • Vocabulary such as uniforms, equipment, weapons or military structures
  • Inspections, briefings, debriefings
  • Practical reading skills – for reading notices, signs, emails and instruction manuals
  • Practical writing skills – for writing clear messages, military briefs and reports

The training is delivered within a framework derived from the NATO STANAG 6001 language proficiency guidelines. The teacher will select elements according to the specific needs of each trainee.

  • Fighting Forces
  • Uniform and Equipment
  • The Infantry Platoon
  • Reconnaissance Patrol
  • Return to Headquarters
  • At the Information Post
  • Battle Camp
  • Weapon Handling
  • Fit to Fight
  • The Tank
  • Survival in the Field
  • Room Inspections
  • Briefings Prisoners of War
  • An Army Career
  • Platoon in Defence
  • Fire and Manoeuvre
  • Appreciation
  • Section in the Attack
  • Debriefing
  • Advance to Contact

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CodeStart DatesWeeksCourse Cost
ME1 8.2.2021 4 £995
ME2 10.5.2021 4 £995
ME3 13.9.2021 4 £995
ME4 25.10.2021 4 £995

Please note: These are set dates, but these courses are also available on demand for groups. Price includes: 30 lessons of tuition (22.5 hours), books and materials. Full Health and Travel insurance.