Your accommodation is one of the most important aspects of your stay. Our qualified Welfare and Accommodation Officer is at hand to help you throughout.

Every student will tell you that accommodation can make their time in the UK from a good stay to an excellent one and we take great care to make sure that students are matched with the right family.

The best way to take advantage of your stay in England is by staying with a local host. This gives you the opportunity to improve your English and expose you to the life and culture of the country.

Our host families have welcomed students from all over the world and hosted with us for many years. If you do have any preferences for location or dietary requirements, please let us know and we will be able to find a family to suit your needs. While there may be other inlingua students staying with a host family during their stay, we do not place two students of the same mother tongue together.

All of our host families are either within walking distance or short bus ride from the school.


Standard Homestay

Ideal for group course students, a standard homestay offers half board accommodation during the week and full board at the weekends. Accommodation is in a single room, you will have access to a desk for studying and you will share the rest of the house as a member of the family. Full board is available if requested. A good number of our host families are located within walking distance of the school. The furthest distance is approximately 20 minutes by bus.

Executive Homestay

Executive Homestay families offer private bathroom facilities which are either en-suite or the student has sole use of the facilities. Accommodation offered is on half board arrangement on weekdays and full board weekends. Full board is available if requested.

Thanks to our close relationship with our host families we can offer high quality homestay accommodation to suit your needs.

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