Online Courses

inlingua Cheltenham, in partnership with Gymglish, offers online English lessons through daily e-mails. Each lesson introduces you to a new chapter of the Delavigne saga in San Francisco, with a touch of humor, Business English, a variety of accents and more.

Additional online courses at inlingua Cheltenham

Taking an online course will never substitute an immersion programme here in Cheltenham, but it will offer another learning experience which suits your lifestyle, finances and the time you have available to improve your English.

inlingua Cheltenham has developed various online courses and platforms of delivery over the last couple of years, catering for the growing demand for learning through online media.

From the comfort of your desk, company training room or your home, you can work on your self-study learning path. We also offer remotely accessed Virtual Classrooms broadcast real time to your computer or pre-recorded. You could meet colleagues from your company around the world or have personal spoken interaction with your teacher as if you were in the classroom with them.

Increasingly over the last few years inlingua Cheltenham has been involved in a number of overseas contracts for many of its courses and many of these contracts invariably involve a combination of face to face and online courses incorporating Virtual Classroom elements.

This type of blended learning approach to training and language development is going to become a large part of this industry’s educational provision in the coming years.

Independent Learning

Taking part in your course online can be an efficient and cost effective way to continue your learning, especially if you need to fit it around other studies, a job or family commitments. Read More

Mentored Learning

The mentored approach is where you will be assigned a teacher who will not only set work for you to do through your Individual Learning Path (ILP) but will mark your work, give you feedback on your progress via email and Skype tutorials on areas of your language development you need to work on. They will assign you more exercises to deal with the development of your language learning. Read More

Virtual Classroom

The worldwide e-learning industry is economically significant, and was estimated in 2010 to be over $100 billion. By 2020 it will be close to $500 billion. Since its inception, it has been identified that consulting, content, technologies, services and support are the five key sectors of the e-learning industry. Read More