Independent Learning (Self-Study)

Independent Learning (Self-Study)

Taking part in your course online can be an efficient and cost effective way to continue your learning, especially if you need to fit it around other studies, a job or family commitments.

For large companies, this is an easy way to train international staff working in different timezones, who cannot find a mutually convenient time to get together.

It does take dedication and motivation to continue with an online course, especially on an Individual Learning Path but the main benefit to you is that you can join in at any time, wherever you may be in the world – from your phone, tablet or laptop.

Here’s how our online courses can work for you:

  • Login from anywhere in the world
  • Follow an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) designed by one of our teachers
  • Fit your study around job or family commitments
  • For companies: train international staff working in different time zones
  • Improve your skills in reading, writing and listening with activities assigned and marked by the teacher

Contact inlingua Cheltenham if you have any academic questions or technical queries.

Students will complete set exercises for reading, writing and listening and you will have access to recorded teacher led lessons.

General and Business English Online Courses (Elementary to Advanced Level)

Type of Online CoursesAccess to Online PlatformPrice Per Weeks
Self Study Unlimited £5

Price includes: Unlimited use of Macmillan English Campus, Setup and completion certificate.