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Learn English in the Heart of England

  • I learned English at Inlingua school for three weeks. It was a short time, but I was happy because I met people from other countries and profession, and I was taught by the best teachers. Amazing experience!”
  • “I made a lot of new fantastic friends in this school. The weather is fantastic and the teachers are great!”
  • inlingua Cheltenham offers IELTS classes that help you score your desired marks, the thing that I love the most is the teaching style over here.
  • inlingua Cheltenham is a beautiful school, they have amazing learning facilities as well as wonderful social activities.
  • The staff here are very kind and helpful, we definitely learned a lot during our stay here.
  • The classes are taught in a very fun and interesting, it is just like a play.
  • Cheltenham is a quiet and safe town with lots of beautiful gardens, it has restaurants of different cuisine and it is very convenient to travel around.