The UK has always been a popular destination for tourists and students to visit even if it has been expensive, the quality of education, overall experience and warm welcome have been well worth it. At the moment, the country is experiencing a weaker pound due to the Brexit vote, although this has not detracted tourists it seems over the summer, with the Financial Times reporting on an 18% increase compared to the previous year in July on foreign visitors to the UK (Financial Times).

If you were thinking that the UK was an expensive destination to visit, now is the perfect time to visit and either come on a budget, or be able to purchase above what you may have previously been able to have afforded.

These are the top items that will benefit for the change in currency value and a few extra tips to squeeze a little extra too:


  1. Flights

Flights to and from the UK will become a lot cheaper. This is partly due to sales and discounts to try and encourage people in the UK to fly, but also due to the fact that you will get more pounds for your money at the moment.

Remember to try and be strategic about when you book your flights so you can make further savings (they say never book a flight on a Friday!) but also where you fly to and when. Saturday night is a cheap time to fly because people won’t want to have their weekend so savagely cut in half, but as regular travellers, we can tell you it brings the cost right down, and you have the Sunday to recover from jetlag or explore. You can always arrange it to stay in a hotel or an extra night with your host family and it still work out cheaper.

  1. Buying Currency

Goes without saying, the weaker the pound, the more of them you can buy for your money. In recent years, the pound has been strong against other currencies, particularly the Euro, and the reduction in the cost of the pound for a course could see significant savings compared to previous years. Last year, a week of General English in the mornings at inlingua Cheltenham would cost approximately €350, but with today’s exchange rate it would cost you €310.

You can make further savings by shopping around to get the best rates on currency and never changing currency at the airport (or taking cash out of the ATMs there either as the rate is terrible). In the UK, banks, travel agencies and the Post Office are all reputable and safe places to buy currency.

  1. Hotels, Restaurants, Hospitality

This again is down to the exchange rate making it cheaper than it usually would be. While you are there, why not upgrade – order the nice bottle of wine, upgrade to a more expensive room. Treat yourself! If you are a regular traveller, you may find this a nice change.

  1. Luxury Goods

Want that handbag or expensive watch? It could work out much cheaper to buy in the UK. Of course if you go on a mammoth spending spree, you may be eligible to have a VAT refund. (Click here to see if you are eligible).


The UK is well known for its fantastic shopping and hospitality industry and millions of people each year come to enjoy and take full advantage of the shopping opportunities and welcome. There are many ways that you can make the trip more cost effective and following the fluctuations in currency and some savvy shopping and bargain hunting will mean you can make the most of your cash.

What are your top tips for making the most of your money while you are here?