Business English Courses

Business English Courses

Business English

In our exclusive Business Centre, professionals will find that they have the perfect environment to learn. We offer a discreet, calm and warm environment to teach the very specific subjects that a client needs to advance their career. Our teachers have had long and distinguished careers and clients will benefit from this experience and will be delighted to meet like-minded people.


Role Play meetings

Every week, we run a simulated business meeting which gives you an opportunity to practice the specialised Business English that you have learned during your course. It encourages a productive environment to practice vocabulary and expressions that you may need during meetings once your course is over. Clients are given the choice of which part they can play to practice leading a meeting or scenarios like negotiation. Whichever part you play in this simulated meeting, you will receive detailed trainer feedback at the end.


Overseas Training

Over the last ten years, inlingua Cheltenham have offered courses abroad either because clients cannot come to train due to work commitments or the company are looking for a more cost effective way to train their employees. We have run a number of courses overseas, such as, Teacher Training courses in China, Malta and Switzerland and English for Oil and Gas at refineries in Germany and Spain. Currently we are conducting an online course in Iraq for an Oil and Gas company.


Blended Learning

inlingua Cheltenham offers a blended learning approach and clients will have the opportunity to work online through their own Individual Learning Plan on the Macmillan English Campus (MEC) system before, during and after their stay. This will complement and enhance the learning process.


Onsite Company Visits

We frequently arrange visits to local companies. A guided tour of an interesting factory can often provide stimulating and useful language practice. Visits in the past have included; The Morgan Sports Car Factory in Malvern, where they build sports cars by hand. In nearby Oxford there is a state of the art automated BMW/Mini-Cooper plant. Students can also request company visits for themselves as a fact finding mission or business collaboration which we can help arrange.



CIP (Crash Intensity Programme – One to One Teaching)
This is a total English immersion programme for those wishing to make fast progress in a limited time. Lessons are taught on a one to one basis. Typically, morning lessons focus on grammar and language skills development, while afternoon sessions focus on specialist vocabulary or skills related to your profession. The course is tailored for each client.


Professional Skills

This programme concentrates mainly on English skills that are needed in a business environment such as Presentations, Telephoning, Socialising Across Cultures, Meetings, Business Correspondence, Emailing, Negotiating and Interview skills. The lessons are mini-group lessons with a maximum of 5 clients per class.


Combination Courses

Our combination programmes are perfect for those that wish to combine individually designed one-to-one lessons with the sociable mini group option. These programmes consist of 30 or 40 x 45 minute lessons per week (Monday to Friday). The maximum number in any mini-group is 5 clients. One-to-one lessons are individually designed around the clients’ needs.


Professional Business and General English

This course gives you the option to combine General English with a dedicated specialist Business Centre course in the afternoon. In the mornings you will concentrate on General English developing your language using the four skills. All lessons will be taught in the Business Centre in mini group sessions with up to 5 clients per class.


Overseas Contracts

Over the last few years inlingua Cheltenham has increasingly become involved in overseas contracts where the course is delivered with a blended learning approach. There is the close supervision and support of inlingua Cheltenham teachers, but also online and independent study modules which fits in around busy schedules and is also cost effective. Please contact us for further details


Business English Exams

We can provide training for the Cambridge BEC Vantage and Cambridge BEC Higher for those clients who need to use English as a foreign language in international business. The examination is aimed at an upper intermediate or advanced level of competence. We can help you improve your General English as well as your knowledge of business vocabulary and help you work on your confidence in using English in a business situation. You can view our Business English Combination courses here.

We also are a test centre for the BULATS exam. This is an excellent tool for organisations and clients that need a rapid and reliable as well as cost effective method of assessing their language skills. BULATS tests communication skills that are needed in real business situations. BULATS is included in the cost of the course for our General and Business English programme.


Social Programme

We know how important it is for our Business English clients to have a social programme that is just for them. Our social programme provides the perfect balance of improving interactions in less formal business environments as well as providing networking opportunities with company visits and simulated business meetings. Clients will find they will use their new-found skills in a variety of different situations and contexts.